Science Fair |

Science Fair

HSS staff and students want to congratulate the following students who participated in the Olds Mountainview Science Fair on Saturday. All students are commended for their participation and placements.


Tyne A - Best of Fair 

Brekyn G - First runner up Best of Fair

Ty M - Second runner up Best of Fair

Zander E, Danica C, and Jackie B - Silver

Jacob B, Kenedee C, Paige W, Kierra P, and Ashylnn M - Bronze

Jessa S - Participation

Jacob B - Biology Award


GRADE 5-12

Zach K - Gold

Kaia K, Brechin P - Silver

Tehya K - Bronze 

Haley G - Third runner up Best of Fair

Keagan F, Kairi R, Maxwell B - Participation


Best of Luck to those students who plan on attending the Red Deer Regional Science Fair on Friday, March 10th and Saturday, March 11th.