Grade 3-6 Halloween News |

Grade 3-6 Halloween News


Elementary Hugh Sutherland Halloween Happenings


We are getting excited and preparing for our HSS Halloween Happenings this year.  We recognize these will look different than previous years but we still want to celebrate within the COVID guidelines.  This is how 2020 Halloween will look.




  1.  Students are asked to be sent to school in their costumes.  This will ensure students are not changing during the day remaining in their cohorts and the adult help they require for make up etc. will be given at home.  Please note that students will be removing their costumes sometime in the morning.  We are not able to allow students to go into bathrooms to do this, so some type of clothing should be worn under the costume for when your child takes it off, they are in their ‘classroom clothes’.  
  2. There will be no costume parade.  Each classroom teacher will be taking pictures of their class to be virtually shared with other classes.  
  3. Students are asked to bring a special treat for themselves to eat during the day.  We are asking that no food, even prepackaged items,  be sent to be shared with classmates.  Thank you for your understanding with this.
  4. Junior High Leadership is planning some virtual contests and elementary teachers are planning activities that are suited to our current times.